Busy Bee Bouquet

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A gorgeous, long lasting mix of sunflowers, hydrangea, alstroemeria and more, accented with a super cute bumblebee ribbon! Designed in a 5" x 5" clear glass cube, approx. 12" high

The Busy Bee Bouquet from Durocher Florist in Springfield, MA, captures the vibrant energy and productivity of nature's most industrious pollinators. This stunning mix is a sunny celebration in a vase, featuring the bold faces of sunflowers and the lush fullness of hydrangea. The sunny disposition of the bouquet is further enhanced by the addition of cheerful alstroemeria and a collection of complementary flowers, all coming together in a delightful floral dance. The bouquet is perfectly accented with a charming bumblebee ribbon, which adds a playful touch to the arrangement and underscores the "busy bee" theme. Designed within a clear 5-inch by 5-inch glass cube, the bouquet stands approximately 12 inches high, creating a presentation that's both stylish and substantial.

This arrangement isn't just a burst of floral beauty; it's a message of happiness, diligence, and sweet rewards. It's the kind of gift that can brighten up a home with its lush, lasting blooms and inspire with its whimsical ribbon, reminding us all of the joy and busyness of life. Whether for a birthday, a get-well wish, or just to bring a bit of the garden's delight indoors, the Busy Bee Bouquet is a delightful choice that's sure to buzz with warmth and affection.