Cardinal Cheer Bouquet

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Paint a magical holiday scene with this classic Christmas bouquet, arranged in a vintage-inspired glass keepsake adorned with a cheerful cardinal. Later, it's a lovely candleholder.
Features red roses, red carnations, miniature red carnations, and cedar arranged with silver lace dusty miller, white pine, lemon leaf, and variegated holly.

Approximately 14 1/2" W x 14 1/4" H

The Cardinal Cheer Bouquet from Durocher Florist in Springfield, MA, weaves a tapestry of yuletide splendor to kindle the festive spirit in every heart. This enchanting holiday arrangement bursts with the vibrant reds of roses and carnations, echoing the warm, rich colors of the season. It’s nestled amongst the lush greens of cedar, white pine, and lemon leaf, interspersed with the silvery grace of dusty miller and the variegated tones of holly.

Adorning this verdant display is a captivating cardinal, rendered on a vintage-inspired glass keepsake that evokes the timeless traditions of Christmas. This bright bird, often celebrated in folklore and song for its vivid hue and cheerful music, is a harbinger of joy and a symbol of the beauty and life that persist even in the depths of winter. This bouquet brings the season's merriment to the fore and promises enduring charm as the keepsake transforms into a cherished candleholder, perfect for illuminating holiday gatherings for years to come. Each element of the Cardinal Cheer Bouquet has been thoughtfully chosen to create a heartwarming gift that captures the magic of Christmas and delivers it with style and grace.