Color Collage

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An artist's palette of color spontaneously bursts forth in this array of favorite flowers in a blue contemporary glass cube vase. Send this floral masterpiece to a colorful friend, Van Gogh, Renoir, Pollock. The artistic bouquet includes blue delphinium, red carnations, orange miniature carnations, yellow spray roses, blue statice, and yellow button spray chrysanthemums accented with fresh greenery.

The Color Collage arrangement from Durocher Florist in Springfield, MA, vividly celebrates hues reminiscent of a painter's vibrant canvas. This bouquet is a spontaneous eruption of color, much like the brushstrokes of the master artists Van Gogh and Renoir, contained within the sleek lines of a contemporary blue glass cube vase. With the striking blue delphinium that echoes the ocean's depth and the sky, the bold red of carnations that pulses with passion, and the fiery orange of miniature carnations that adds an exotic flair, this bouquet is a dynamic display of artistry. The sunny disposition of yellow spray roses illuminates the arrangement, while the tranquil blue statice provides an excellent counterpoint. Cheerful yellow button spray chrysanthemums are like bursts of sunlight, bringing a playful joy to the composition. Accents of fresh greenery act as the perfect backdrop, highlighting each color and making the bouquet pop, much like the contrasting colors in a Pollock painting. This bouquet doesn’t just convey a message; it's a gift for the senses, a floral masterpiece delivered to the doorstep of a friend whose life is as colorful as the flowers themselves.