Iridescent Dream Bouquet

Lavender roses, lavender alstroemeria, green carnations, miniature purple carnations, lavender daisy spray roses, and green button spray chrysanthemums are accented with bupleurum and silver dollar eucalyptus.  Approximately 15 1/4" W x 17 1/2" H

The Iridescent Dream Bouquet from Durocher Florist in Springfield, MA, is a stunning visual symphony of pastel hues and lush textures. It is a perfect gift for any occasion that calls for a touch of elegance and enchantment. This bouquet blends a variety of floral elements to create a display that is both soothing and sophisticated.

Featuring lavender roses and alstroemeria, the bouquet exudes a gentle grace; these flowers are well-known for their soft beauty and are often associated with devotion and admiration. Including green and miniature purple carnations adds depth and contrast, enriching the bouquet's palette with their vibrant colors. Lavender daisy spray chrysanthemums bring a cheerful vibrancy, while green button spray chrysanthemums provide a playful touch of whimsy. Bupleurum and silver dollar eucalyptus accent these blooms, adding a lush green backdrop and infusing the arrangement with a refreshing scent and a wild, natural feel. The arrangement is presented in a stunning iridescent vase, whose shimmering surface reflects light beautifully and enhances the bouquet's ethereal qualities.

Measuring approximately 15 1/4" W x 17 1/2" H, the Iridescent Dream Bouquet is an artful creation that captures the imagination and brings a sense of dreamy wonder to any space. It’s perfect for expressing heartfelt sentiments, celebrating special moments, or simply adding a splash of floral beauty to your home.

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