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Paw Prints Memorial Stone Signature Design

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These memorial stones are made of hand-painted resin. They feature a detachable powder-coated metal stake that is H-based for sturdiness. The stone measures 8"H x 10"W and the stake measures 6"H

In the tender moments of remembrance, the Paw Prints Memorial Stone from Durocher Florist in Springfield, MA, offers a heartfelt tribute to the beloved pets that have left a lasting mark on our lives. Each stone, a canvas of hand-painted resin, is etched with an endearing message that echoes the deep bond between pets and their human companions. The florid craftsmanship adds a gentle touch to the durable material, ensuring that the stone withstands the elements while cradling memories of our four-legged friends. With an 8"H x 10"W dimension, the stone is both a delicate and pronounced memorial, providing a tangible presence of a cherished pet. The powder-coated metal stake, rooted in an 'H' base, promises stability when placed in the sanctuary of a garden or resting place. At 6"H, the stake anchors the memorial stone firmly, serving as a steadfast symbol of love that endures.

The gentle hues and the timeless design allow this memorial stone to blend seamlessly with the blooms and greenery of nature, standing as a silent sentinel of the paw prints that forever dance across the owner's heart. It is more than a marker; it is a promise always to remember, to hold close the pitter-patter of paws that once filled home with joy.