Make Merry Bouquet

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Deliver a winter's day delight. This sweet bouquet includes red and white carnations beautifully arranged in a bright red cube.
Red carnations and white miniature carnations are accented with tips of noble fir, white pine, holly, and assorted greens.  Approximately 11 1/2" W x 12 1/2" H

The Make Merry Bouquet from Durocher Florist in Springfield, MA, encapsulates the joy and spirit of the holiday season in its delightful arrangement. This festive bouquet pairs the rich, vibrant red of carnations with the pure, snowy white of miniature carnations, all beautifully nestled in a striking red glass cube. The arrangement is not just about the flowers—it's a carefully crafted winter wonderland, complete with noble fir tips, lush white pine, and the classic touch of holly. The thoughtful accents of assorted greens add depth and variety, highlighting the brilliant reds and whites, making this bouquet a visual celebration of the festive season. The red glass cube enhances the warmth of the arrangement, making it a perfect centerpiece for a holiday gathering or a charming gift to spread cheer among friends and family.

Each bloom is meticulously placed to create a balanced visual impact that is both uplifting and bright. This bouquet not only decorates a space but also brings the heartfelt warmth of the holiday spirit into the home. It’s an ideal way to say "Happy Holidays" with flowers, offering seasonal beauty that recipients can enjoy throughout the festive period.