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The Most Powerful Petals for Celebrating International Women’s Day

Commemorating International Women’s Day on March 8th is all about honoring the journey of women — celebrating not just their current triumphs but also the amazing accomplishments that have paved the way for younger generations. It’s a day to warmly recognize those extraordinary women who’ve been your guiding lights, your heroes in disguise, and the community that has stood by you like a rock and cheer squad, especially during times when you felt like throwing in the towel. IWD is painted with colors rich in symbolism: purple for justice and devotion, green for hope, and white for purity. At Durocher Florist, the top flower shop in Springfield, we’re here to help you express your sincerest gratitude to your favorite women, allies, and even yourself with the freshest and most beautiful blooms. Fill your IWD with flowers that whisper your deepest appreciation, capturing the essence of sisterhood and the shared journey of resilience, love, and support.


Roses are the go-to for pretty much any celebration, be it Valentine’s Day, birthdays, or IWD! Our favorite thing about roses (aside from their sweet fragrance and iconic beauty) is their wide range of hues. For IWD, it’s an obvious choice to lean towards green, purple, and white roses, but don’t sleep on dark pink, peach, or yellow roses, either. Each of these sweet hues softly speaks of admiration, heartfelt thanks, and the joyful tunes of friendship.


IWD falls during the transitional time from the winter blues into sunny springtime vibes, and what better symbol for this time of year and IWD than tulips? Popping up just in time for the celebration, they stand as a fresh start, renewal, and hope. Surprising someone with a bunch of colorful tulips is an incredible way to celebrate their achievements and welcome the exciting opportunities that are just around the corner. Since there are so many tulip varieties (over 3,000), you can create a blend that perfectly reflects the diverse and unique impact they have had on your life and community.

Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera daisies are the unofficial ambassadors of happiness, bringing that infectious joy to IWD celebrations. Their vibrant petals are a symbol of positivity and cheer, reflecting the spirit of this special day, and purity, mirroring the pure intentions that drive IWD. So, send a bouquet of happiness and optimism to your favorite women!


Elevate your IWD with the timeless elegance of peonies. These full blooms embody grace and strength, much like those remarkable, trailblazing women. With a vase-life that rivals our determination, peonies represent resilience and the unwavering commitment to positive change, in addition to luck, prosperity, and happiness. Sending peonies is a sure way to keep the flame of motivation and determination ignited.


What we love most about orchids is their ability to flourish in various shapes and colors that offer a brilliant array of symbolism. While tropical and modern, an orchid can speak to a diverse audience, not limited to the fantastic women and proud allies that IWD celebrates. So, whether you’re embracing a contemporary design or a graceful way to show your gratitude, orchids are a meaningful choice.

Mimosa Flower

The choice of mimosa flowers for IWD dates back to 1946, when feminists from Italy selected the blooms as the official flower of IWD. They were drawn to the flower’s empowering symbolism of sensibility, strength, and sensitivity. The understated elegance and warmth of mimosa flowers are comparable to that of a classic daisy or even accent stems such as alstroemeria, gold aster, waxflower, and goldenrod — a collection that radiates the joys of friendship and the power of sisterhood.

Make IWD extra special with the perfect springtime stems and meaningful arrangements from Durocher Florist.

Flowers to Honor International Women's Day