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9 Hostess Gifts They’ll Love This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is an awesome time to gather with friends and family and remember all the things we’re thankful for. It’s even better when you’re one of the many being gathered! Without the prep work and planning that comes with creating a Thanksgiving feast for everyone else, you can show up and enjoy those around you. But don’t forget to bring a hostess gift!  Read More about 9 Hostess Gifts They’ll Love This Thanksgiving »
Posted by durocherflorist on November 6, 2019 Fall Flowers Holidays

Dress Up Your Front Porch For Fall

Anytime the season changes is a good time to update your home’s decor. Keeping up with the seasons is a great reason to update the look of your home in quick, easy ways. A makeover with easy-to-change decorations can help you embrace the change that is inevitable with each season. The floral designers at Durocher Florist want to help you create a beautiful fall look for your home this year. While it’s great to decorate inside your home, and we highly encourage it, we also think that you should not neglect your front porch. By designing a gorgeous front porch with fall flair, you welcome the new season and anticipate the upcoming holidays. Plus, there is no shortage of amazing accents available for fall decor, so you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect look for your fall front porch. Let the professionals at Durocher Florist help you with a few great ideas. Read More about Dress Up Your Front Porch For Fall »
Posted by durocherflorist on October 20, 2019 Flowers Seasonal Flowers

Find Mums For Everyone In Autumn

Fall is a fabulous season full of color and wonder. One of the most amazing blooms in the fall spectrum is the chrysanthemum. With over 40 species and thousands of varieties, and a beautiful array of fall colors, there’s a mum for everyone. Add these gorgeous blooms to your home’s fall decor or send to someone special to brighten their fall season. Choose one of your favorite varieties or discover new ones to send throughout the Springfield area. Check out the chrysanthemums our designers at Durocher Florist are crazy about this season and send something fresh and fall to your special someone this season.  Read More about Find Mums For Everyone In Autumn »
Posted by durocherflorist on September 7, 2019 Flowers Plants Seasonal Flowers

Experience Our Fall Blooms This Season

Fall is a wonderful time to experience the leaves changing colors, a crisp nip in the air and pumpkin spice lattes. At Durocher Florist, we’re also very excited about the flowers that bloom during this season. Our fall collection is full of beautiful fall floral designs as well as blooming fall plants. We’re excited to share these gorgeous designs with everyone in the Springfield area. Take a look at all that our store has to offer and see what delights fall can bring to you this season. Read More about Experience Our Fall Blooms This Season »
Posted by durocherflorist on August 26, 2019 Flowers Seasonal Flowers

4 Ways To Bond On Grandparents Day

As Grandparents Day approaches, celebrated on the first Sunday after Labor Day, we look forward to a special time of bonding between children and their grandparents. This is a wonderful way to build your family‘s legacy while creating lasting memories. If your grandparents are not local to you, reach out to Durocher Florist. We will be happy to deliver your blooms anywhere in the greater Springfield area, including local assisted living facilities and retirement communities like Armbrook Estates, The Arbors Chicopee, The American Inn in Southwick. We also deliver to local nursing homes like Wingate of West Springfield, Heritage Hall Agawam, The Wellington in Springfield, JGS Lifecare in Longmeadow, Reeds Landing Springfield, and private residences, as well. If you are able to get together with grandparents on this day, we have a few great ideas that will help children and grandparents bond on Grandparents Day. Put a little energy into this day and watch these relationships between your children and grandparents bloom. Read More about 4 Ways To Bond On Grandparents Day »
Posted by durocherflorist on August 4, 2019 Flowers Holidays Plants

5 Unique Care Package Ideas for College Students

What Should Be in Your Care Package? It’s just about time for college students to head off to campus. This is an exciting time in a student's life. They are about to exert their independence, gain responsibility, and spread their wings. While we want them to experience all that college has to offer, we also want to make sure they are set up for success. Let them know you’re thinking about them and taking care of anything they may have missed. So, send a unique care package to your new college student. The designers at Durocher Florist have compiled a list of items students might not think to bring back to school with them. Read More about 5 Unique Care Package Ideas for College Students »
Posted by durocherflorist on July 19, 2019 Flowers Plants

Unique Gift Idea For Someone’s Special Day

Looking for a unique gift idea for someone’s special day? Although flower shops are known for their grand floral arrangement and lovely bouquets, there are so many other gift options to choose from. From gift baskets to truly memorable floral arrangements, there are so many options that are sure to please your family and friends! Why not browse the array of specialty baskets available at Durocher Florist? You are sure to find something to fabulous! Read More about Unique Gift Idea For Someone’s Special Day »
Posted by durocherflorist on July 4, 2019 Around Springfield Welcome

Pay Tribute To Our American Freedom

Fourth of July is upon us. This is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate and pay tribute to our American freedoms and independence. Also, you can honor those who make those freedoms possible. For example, a great way to do this is by sending beautiful Fourth of July flowers to men and women in uniform to thank them for their service. The floral designers at Durocher Florist have some amazing patriotic blooms prepared for your Fourth of July celebration. Decorate with these gorgeous flowers and send some to you servicemen and women you know who will be honored by your gratefulness. Read More about Pay Tribute To Our American Freedom »
Posted by durocherflorist on June 20, 2019 Flowers Holidays Seasonal Flowers