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As the winter comes to an end and spring begins to roll in, our homes could benefit from a little freshening up. Instead of bringing out paper towels, chemical cleaners, and air fresheners, we can welcome this season in a more eco-friendly way. Here at Durocher Florist, the number one flower shop in Springfield, your friends are sharing some of the best “Mother Nature approved” tips for spring cleaning. Refresh, reorganize, and refine your home with household items and, you guessed it, fresh spring plants and flowers. Your trusted floral experts have paired the best blooms with each room in your home for a relaxing, uplifting, and purifying pop of color.

Refresh Your Kitchen

Cleaning the countertops, refrigerator shelves, and inside the microwave are important spring cleaning tasks. However, make sure not to forget about that knife block on your counter or the inside of your dishwasher. These chores are easier than they sound. Take a few seconds to combine a little household bleach and warm water and leave your knife block to soak for two minutes. At the same time, add a few cups of white vinegar to your dishwasher and let it run on a high-temperature cycle. 

Refresh with Spring Flowers

Have you given much thought to “spring cleaning” the air around you or even your own mood? Allow Mother Nature to lend a hand, and refresh your kitchen with a hint of bright green plants and spring flowers. These seasonal favorites aid in easing winter blues, purifying the air, and brightening your day.

  • Peace Lily: A favorite green plant to purify and “spring clean” the air
  • Carnations:  One of the longest-lasting blooms with a unique fragrance
  • Tulips: An early sign of spring and symbol of rebirth
  • Eucalyptus: Offers a fresh aroma to reinvigorate your senses

Reorganize Your Bathroom

Having a decluttered bathroom ensures you start each day on a good note. Feel relaxed and welcomed anytime you walk into your bathroom to freshen up or “go.” From your linen closet and medicine cabinet to the items that live on our counter, where is the best place to start? We like to begin our bathroom reorganization in the linen closet to find and repurpose old towels for cleaning rags. Then, find your springtime essentials, like aloe and sunscreen, and rearrange while you clean the medicine cabinet. End by taking care of your sink, vanity, and visible items. 

Reorganize with Spring Flowers

After you get your sink and vanity “clutter-free,” add a simple pop of color and magnificent bliss to your bathroom. A sweet and lovely scented floral arrangement is just what your space needs this spring season. Create a welcoming and inviting bathroom for yourself to enjoy and guests to feel relaxed in.

  • Daffodils: Represent new beginnings and brighten your day
  • Gerbera Daisies: Spark joy and reenergize
  • Sunflowers: An optimistic bloom full of positivity and happiness
  • Hyacinths: Known for their divine fragrance

Refine Your Bedroom

You might agree that your bedroom is the most important room in your home and should mimic a calming sanctuary. If you are searching for a new way to get better sleep each night, try refining your bedroom with the ancient practice of feng shui. These guidelines suggest repositioning your bed away from vents, windows, and doorways to eliminate drafts. When it comes to storing items under your bed, allow energy to flow freely and if you must store items, minimize this to only linens. Finally, if you like keeping books in your bedroom, make sure their titles and themes inspire sweet and pleasant dreams.

Refine with Spring Flowers

Spruce up your space with graceful spring flowers to create a restful and reenergizing atmosphere. Fresh blooms can naturally inspire perfect energy and boost your mood. While you select the best floral arrangement for your bedroom, keep in mind their symbolism, fragrances, and natural beauty to refine and complement your decor.

  • Sweet Peas: Offers a blissful aroma associated with the Victorian Era
  • Peonies: Inspire a happy life and good luck
  • Hydrangea: Experience a peaceful and harmonious sleep
  • Orchids: A  popular way to refine your space with its symbolism and beauty

To properly welcome the spring season, display your favorite spring blooms around your home. After a day of deep cleaning, living plants are sure to give you that breath of freshness and sigh of relief as you wave “goodbye” to a long winter. How will you choose to revive your space with seasonal flowers from Durocher Florist this year?