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4 Ways To Bond On Grandparents Day

As Grandparents Day approaches, celebrated on the first Sunday after Labor Day, we look forward to a special time of bonding between children and their grandparents. This is a wonderful way to build your family‘s legacy while creating lasting memories. If your grandparents are not local to you, reach out to Durocher Florist. We will be happy to deliver your blooms anywhere in the greater Springfield area, including local assisted living facilities and retirement communities like Armbrook Estates, The Arbors Chicopee, The American Inn in Southwick. We also deliver to local nursing homes like Wingate of West Springfield, Heritage Hall Agawam, The Wellington in Springfield, JGS Lifecare in Longmeadow, Reeds Landing Springfield, and private residences, as well. If you are able to get together with grandparents on this day, we have a few great ideas that will help children and grandparents bond on Grandparents Day. Put a little energy into this day and watch these relationships between your children and grandparents bloom.

Special Delivery

For your fun, spunky grandparents, send our Sassy Sunflowers. Like the sun itself, sunflowers are said to provide power and warmth. Perfectly sized for a desk or bedside table, these playful blooms arrive in a sparkling clear glass bubble bowl vase and will shine brightly in any spot. Seeking out a fine bouquet that’s darling and delightful? How Sweet It Is brings a charming mix of fresh roses, carnations and daisies in ripe, fruity shades of raspberry, peach, and cherry is a tempting pick-me-up for any day of the week. Finally, for a long-lasting design, our English Country Garden arrangement features the delicate fronds of maidenhair and Boston ferns mixed with colorful kalanchoe and pink hypoestes. It’s a casual gift basket that brings the natural serenity of the outdoors into any room.



When children and grandparents create a craft together, they make something that they can take home at the end of the day and remember one another by fondly. Pressed flowers in a scrapbook, decorating a picture frame or adding to stained glass is a beautiful way to spend time together and have a memory to last afterward.


Show off children’s talents when they organize a performance for Grandparents Day. Singing, dancing, music and anything else they want to display is a great way to let grandparents enjoy the energy of youth. Grandparents will delight to see how talented their grandchildren are, and children will love a ready audience. 


Organize a sleepover between children and grandparents. Bring pizza, midnight snacks, a favorite movie or bedtime story and let grandparents take the wheel. They love finding out more about their grandchildren and grandchildren love sharing their favorites with their grandparents. 

Grandparents Day is a unique and special time. Generational gaps are bridged and memories are made. Bring children and grandparents together to bond on Grandparents Day and watch your family flourish. For more great ideas about spending time together on Grandparents Day, talk to the floral designers of Durocher Florist. If you’re unable to get together with grandparents, we are happy to deliver beautiful blooms or fresh plants anywhere in the greater Springfield area, including local nursing homes as well as private residences. We want to help you make this Grandparents Day the most memorable yet.