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5 Ways Eco-Friendly Floristry Is Helping the Planet

It’s important we all do what we can to practice eco-friendly programs and tasks. From supporting eco-friendly flower farms to recycling our office supplies, here at Durocher Florist, we do what we can to support green initiatives.

Flowers in a Field

Do Eco-Friendly Flowers Really Exist?

Yes! Eco-friendly flowers originate from sustainable farmers that utilize organic farming strategies to grow their blooms. With these types of farms, there is no need for damaging pesticides or fertilizers.

Growing Buds

Practices of Sustainable Florists


Uses Recyclable Materials

Renewable florists prioritize the usage of reusable materials and also do their utmost to reduce the use of non-recyclable components like florist’s foam. For instance, an eco-friendly florist is going to wrap flowers in paper rather compared to plastic material.

Reduces Waste

Renewable florists do not let flowers or maybe some other plant material go to waste. They will often donate rarely used blooms to hospitals as well as nursing homes or compost the seldom-used materials.

Eco-Smart Delivery Routes

Smartly created shipping routes save us money and time, and that cuts down on the cost of delivery services, but above all, they bring down the complete carbon emissions created by floral delivery services.

Sources Flowers Locally

In order to reduce the effect of distribution and shipping, green florists source their plants and flowers from nearby farms. This ensures the greatest quality of blooms and freshness to pass along to the consumer.

No Foam

Once a staple of florists everywhere, the green floral foam is a one-time use plastic that is non-biodegradable and damaging to the planet. Reducing or eliminating this product is a huge step to protecting the environment.

Blooming Purple Hyacinth

Ways You Can Help Too

There are some ways you are able to help, also! For starters, we suggest giving the flowers of yours a second life by drying them out or pressing them to preserve their beauty. You can also compost your flowers to fertilize your garden or a community garden. Other ways to reuse your flowers include making potpourri, candles, or bath bombs with the petals.

The most eco-friendly thing you can do regarding flowers, though, is to order them from a local florist.  Ordering locally substantially cuts down on the effect of shipping flowers from afar. Additionally, you will get the freshest, best quality flowers that will last long.

Field of Pink and Purple Flowers

To discover more about how Durocher Florist practices renewable floristry, please give us a call!