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9 Hostess Gifts They’ll Love This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is an awesome time to gather with friends and family and remember all the things we’re thankful for. It’s even better when you’re one of the many being gathered! Without the prep work and planning that comes with creating a Thanksgiving feast for everyone else, you can show up and enjoy those around you. But don’t forget to bring a hostess gift!

While there are plenty of options, it can be difficult to narrow your choices down to the perfect gift. The gift experts at Durocher Florist in Springfield have put together a list of great gift options for you to choose from, depending on your Thanksgiving situation.

What’s the Perfect Hostess Gift?

Bringing your hostess a gift not only thanks them for the invitation, but it also acknowledges their hard work and effort to create a beautiful meal for such a traditional holiday. The time, money and energy it takes to put on a successful Thanksgiving Day should not be discounted. By bringing a hostess gift, you’re showing that you see their effort and you’re grateful for it.

Helpful Hostess Gifts for Friendsgiving

yellow and red flowers around two red candles

Harvest Glow Centerpiece

This new holiday is quickly taking off as a new tradition. Friends gather, typically a week or two before Thanksgiving Day, to enjoy each other’s company and feast together. While it often mimics a traditional Thanksgiving meal, it doesn’t have to. It’s also common to enjoy a Friendsgiving with individuals who are single, childless, or lack resources that larger families may have. So, a hostess gift that is also helpful to the event will be truly appreciated. Think about bringing one of these items if you find yourself invited to a Friendsgiving event:

  • Helpful Decor: A beautiful centerpiece, like our Harvest Glow design, will light up their table and their hearts. Other fun decor items, like table linens, serving dishes and place cards can come in handy for your hostess, as well.
  • Helpful Utensils: Your hostess may find herself short on serving utensils, especially if everyone is asked to bring a side dish. Gift her with a set of decorative cheese knives or wooden spoons that she can keep when the day is over.
  • Helpful Containers: A fresh set of plastic containers with lids will be a relief when your hostess needs to store all the leftovers at the end of the day.

Meaningful Hostess Gifts for In-Laws

ceramic and wood oil lamp diffuser

Oil Diffuser

This is a great opportunity to bring your A-Game and make a strong impression with your in-laws from the moment you step through the door. Keep your gift classy and appropriate, and bonus points for having wrapped beautifully, as well. Here are some great hostess gifts for hard-to-please relatives:

  • Lush Hand Soaps: A set of beautiful soaps in an array of fragrances will be a delightful addition to their guest bathroom or kitchen.
  • Essential Oil Diffuser: Enjoy the fragrance of fall with an air diffuser, or include a calming essential oil like lavender for them to enjoy once the day is done.
  • Exotic Tea or Coffee: Whether they choose to serve their new treats along with dessert or reserve these for later, they’ll love to indulge the new flavors of the favorite hot drink.

Great Hostess Gifts for a Relaxed Thanksgiving

orange and red flowers in orange glass vase

Fall Grandeur Bouquet

Maybe you’ll be joining the family to celebrate in the same way with the same people again this year. There’s definitely something comforting about tradition, but we’re sure your hostess will appreciate the gesture that comes with a thoughtful gift. Think outside the box to give her something unusual or unique.

  • Something Fun: A game or puzzle that everyone can enjoy will be a great way to add to the entertainment of the day, lifting some of the responsibility of your host’s shoulders.
  • Something Personal: Give her something for relaxing once the day is over, like a fragrant bath set, cozy throw blanket or new fall-scented candle.
  • Something Pretty: A beautiful bouquet of flowers is the perfect addition to any gathering, and your hostess can enjoy them even after the guests have gone. Our Fall Grandeur bouquet is designed to stand out while pairing beautifully with any fall decor.

However, you plan to celebrate Thanksgiving, if you’re not the host or hostess yourself, be sure to show your gratitude to the one who is. Bring a beautiful gift they’ll appreciate and thank them properly for the time and effort they took to bring everyone together. For more fabulous gift ideas, talk to the professionals at Durocher Florist and learn how to prepare the perfect hostess gift this season.