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Dress Up Your Front Porch For Fall

Anytime the season changes is a good time to update your home’s decor. Keeping up with the seasons is a great reason to update the look of your home in quick, easy ways. A makeover with easy-to-change decorations can help you embrace the change that is inevitable with each season. The floral designers at Durocher Florist want to help you create a beautiful fall look for your home this year.

While it’s great to decorate inside your home, and we highly encourage it, we also think that you should not neglect your front porch. By designing a gorgeous front porch with fall flair, you welcome the new season and anticipate the upcoming holidays. Plus, there is no shortage of amazing accents available for fall decor, so you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect look for your fall front porch. Let the professionals at Durocher Florist help you with a few great ideas.

A Few Good Reasons to Decorate for Fall

Pumpkins and Mums

Decorating your front porch can be an important way to usher in a new season and help others do the same. We think that, while a decorated front porch is a beautiful thing, it’s also an important practice. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Curb Appeal. As soon as you add beautiful floral decor and accent pieces to your front porch, you will immediately improve the look of your home for everyone who passes by. Give the neighbors something to talk about when you update your home’s look and increase curb appeal.
  • A Welcoming Entrance. You want guests to feel welcome when they walk into your home. Your front porch is that first moment when they feel the comforting vibe your home gives off. Make them feel comforted and at home with gorgeous fall decor and fresh fall flowers, like our fresh from the Pumpkin Patch arrangement.
  • Inspire Neighbors. When you add a little decor to your front stoop, your neighbors might just do the same. Decorate your front porch and share some of your ideas with neighbors as a great way to come together as a neighborhood.
  • Anticipate Holidays. Once we start to see decorations for fall around town, we know the upcoming holidays aren’t far behind. Help build that sense of anticipation when you set out chrysanthemums, sunflowers, and daisies, along with bright pumpkins and gorgeous gourds.

Create a Fall-Fabulous Effect with the Right Containers

The containers you choose for your fall flowers on your front porch can be a great way to quickly update your rustic look. Choose natural materials like woods and metals, and opt for baskets over ceramic to produce a fun fall flair. Here are some examples of our favorites:

  • Wagon: Go back to childhood memories of a visit to the farm and pile pumpkins of all sizes, shapes, and colors inside a little red wagon. The farm-fresh feel will be adorable and inspiring.
  • Galvanized Metal Bucket: A galvanized metal bucket container or tub makes a wonderful planter. When putting bushy mums or Russian sage inside, set at the top of your steps or along the wall of your house on your front porch for a fresh delightful update.
  • Baskets: Choose baskets for containers or set out a few baskets full of your front porch blankets. A great option is our adorable Farmer’s Market Flower Basket. The cozy feel will be inviting and soon, you’ll be cuddling up on the front porch with a cup of hot cocoa!
  • Pumpkins: Remember that larger pumpkins could also be great containers for flowers like lavender or marigolds. Hollow out a pumpkin then instead of carving a face on it, use it as a planter for a bushy, blooming plant.

Fall In Love With Fresh Fall Ideas

Beautiful Seasonal Wreath

To tweak your traditional fall front porch, add a few intriguing or unique elements and showcase your creativity. Here are a few examples of ideas we love that you can try your own:

  • Fabrics: Fall fabrics like flannel and wool in beautiful fall colors or patterns like plaid make an excellent textural and eye-catching attraction on your front porch.
  • Chalkboard: Place a chalkboard sign with a fun, fall message strategically on your front porch to welcome friends and fall.
  • Wreaths: Update your front door with a wreath made out of Indian corn husks or mini pumpkins, along with bright fall flowers like daisies or sunflowers.
  • Garland: There’s no need to wait for winter to dress your front door with garland. Surround the door frame with a long stretch of lush green garland for a fun fall decor that could stick around into the winter months.

No matter what you choose to decorate your front porch, it’s important to update your style. It will fill you, as well as your friends, family, and neighbors, with inspiration. You’ll also anticipate the holidays and give your home a quick makeover that you’ll love. For more great ideas about how to decorate your front porch for fall, or for some other ideas, talk to the floral designers at Durocher Florist. We will love to help you make the most of your front porch this fall season.