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Find Mums For Everyone In Autumn

Fall is a fabulous season full of color and wonder. One of the most amazing blooms in the fall spectrum is the chrysanthemum. With over 40 species and thousands of varieties, and a beautiful array of fall colors, there’s a mum for everyone. Add these gorgeous blooms to your home’s fall decor or send to someone special to brighten their fall season. Choose one of your favorite varieties or discover new ones to send throughout the Springfield area. Check out the chrysanthemums our designers at Durocher Florist are crazy about this season and send something fresh and fall to your special someone this season.

Reflex and Painted Daisy Mums

With gorgeous petals that sweep down and away from the center of the bloom, reflex mums are an intriguing and fascinating variety of chrysanthemum. Drooping out and away, these thin petals in gorgeous fall colors like bronze, garnet, gold, and white, make a fantastic addition to your fall floral design. Take a look at the ruby-colored reflex mums in our Autumn’s Grace Bouquet and see the beauty and texture they add! A few painted daisy mums are featured here, too, with their flat golden centers and red petals with white tips. These exotic daisy mums almost look too good to be real!

Reflex Chrysanthemums

Painted Daisy Chrysanthemums

Autumn’s Grace Bouquet

Daisy, Rover and Pompon Mums

Daisy mums are one of the most popular varieties of chrysanthemums around. Similar to daisies, their namesake, these mums have a yellow, brown or green center disk that lies flat. Symmetrical petals surround the disk in a monochromatic pattern. Our Autumn Sunset Bouquet is rich with these gorgeous blooms in fall bronze, gold, and garnet. Red rover mums are also included in this design. Similar to daisy mums and painted daisy mums, these red blooms with yellow centers are a specific variety that add big color to any design. Yellow pompon mums accent this larger variety, with a small, rounded head that dots bright color throughout the whole design.

Red Rover Mum

Pompon Chrysanthemums

Autumn Sunset Bouquet

Incurve Mums

Incurve mums feature long, thin petals that curve upward and inward, often covering the center disk and hiding it from view. This curling feature gives these blooms an elegant shape and texture, bringing fresh fall color to any design. Gold and bronze incurve mums grace our Warm and Wondrous Centerpiece for a unique look that will give your fall table a sophisticated look.

Incurve Mum

Red Cushion Mum

Warm and Wondrous Centerpiece

Decorating with Mums

Because mums come in such a variety of colors and textures, they are perfect for fall decorating. Chrysanthemums can be an inexpensive way to provide a lovely floral display for a dining room table or coffee table. Place mums in a colorful container and add boost the décor of a porch, deck or other outdoor space. Even a few well-placed blooms can add beauty and texture to any fall décor. Bright, showy mums showcase your lovely home and can be a centerpiece for your fall decorations.

Whether you’re sending fresh blooms to a friend or loved one, or decorating with them yourself this season, choose the wonderfully varied chrysanthemum. For more great decorating ideas or to learn more about the many varieties of mums, talk to the floral experts at Durocher Florist. We’re happy to help you find exactly what you’re looking for to make your fall spectacular.