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Five Favorite Flowers for Expressing Your Personality

Flowers make us feel a certain way- usually happy, nostalgic, sentimental, or something else along those lines. Chances are, you have certain flowers you associate with certain people, places or events in your life. Their beauty, fragrance and style underscore major moments, leaving us with memory markers throughout our life. 

At Durocher Florist, we have plenty of emotional ties to all types of flowers, but just like anyone, we definitely have a few favorites. These are the flowers we’re most thankful for, because of their style and fragrance, their color and beauty, or simply for how much they add to our job of customizing beautiful floral designs. Take a look at our favorites and, if you don’t have one yet, feel free to choose one as your favorite, too!


Carnations are a florist’s best friend because they last forever and have a beautiful scent. These delicately ruffled flowers symbolize love and fascination. If you love carnations as much as we do, it’s likely true that you’re a down-to-earth, practical person. People seek you out for advice, and while you’re sometimes reserved, you’re also very genuine. If this describes someone you love, send them a beautiful bouquet like our Bejeweled Beauty design, featuring deep purple carnations, to celebrate their appreciation of the simple things in life. 

dark pink roses with darek purple and light pink flroal accents in purple glass vase

Bejeweled Beauty Bouquet


The sheer variety associated with roses makes them our favorite. For their endless shades and colors, their classic beauty and a signature fragrance, roses are among our favorites. If you love roses, too, you’re probably on the traditional or romantic side, striving for perfection and bringing out the best in everyone around you. Send our gorgeous Colorful Assortment of Roses bouquet to your favorite traditionalist to celebrate their style. Our Portrait in Purple bouquet or Ticket to Paradise bouquet make great gifts for rose lovers who want to experience even more bold color and fragrance.

assorted coloruful roses in tall vase

Ticket to Paradise Bouquet


These delicate blooms deliver gorgeous frills and ruffles with their asymmetric edges and full heads. With a fluffy appearance in an array of pastels and a light, lovely scent that inspires perfumeries around the world, peonies add a world of style to any bouquet. While they’re only available for a short time in our area, they are simply perfect when they are in season. Their rarity and lack of availability make us even more thankful for them when they appear. Often seen in wedding bouquets and other romantic settings, peonies reflect a sweet, sensitive personality. Peonies are representative of a happy, caring life. Send these beauties to your favorite listener or most stylish friend. 

Pink Peonies

Pink Peonies


We love the meaning of gratitude reflected in the iris. Someone who loves irises tends to be creative, with a love for trying new things and an active imagination. These frilled petals tend to be a deep purple shade with a hint of yellow in the center. Opening outward with crepe-like edges, these flowers appear welcoming and inviting. Send our Sweet As Sugar bouquet to your favorite fan of irises. 

lavender roses with purple stock and orchids in vase

Sweet as Sugar Bouquet


Our very favorites, tulips are one of the first signs of spring! These delightful blooms announce spring and add cheery color to any room. We also find tulip lovers to be sweet people who easily adapt to change and love traveling. These smooth, bell-shaped blooms on smooth, thick green stems bring a distinct air of springtime to any bouquet. Tulips are as versatile as the many colors in which you can find these delightful blooms. 

red tulips in field

Red Tulips

If you haven’t yet chosen a favorite flower, we recommend exploring the many varieties, more popular choices and meaningful flowers out there. Your favorite flower can say a lot about you and your personality, so choose what draws you in. The floral experts at Durocher Florist are happy to help you find the perfect flower to match your personality or to send to your favorite people to match theirs.