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Gift Ideas That Go Great with Flowers

This exquisite mix of feminine blooms is like a breath of fresh air! Sweet pinks and purples are contrasted with a modern burst of fresh green hydrangea, and finished off with a pretty lavender cube vase lined with a tropical aspidistra leaf. It's a fun pick-me-up to send anytime, anywhere! A wide variety of blooms – roses, alstroemeria, hydrangea, stock, freesia, statice and heather.

Exquisite Beauty

The great thing about flowers is that everyone loves getting them. Plus, when paired with other gifts, flowers can make those items appear extra special and undoubtedly romantic. Look no further than Springfield’s best florist, Durocher Florist, for a beautiful bouquet of flowers to go with an additional token of your love. We not only have our own unique selection of gifts, but we also put together a list of fun and romantic ideas to “WOW” the special person in your life.

Romantic Gifts to Combine with Flowers

Couple holding hands together at table during romantic dinner in restaurant, closeup

Dinner for Two

Whether a homemade meal from scratch and a cozy night in or an elegant night out at a gourmet restaurant, a dinner for just the two of you is the beginning of a romantic evening. And, to make your dinner guest feel even more beloved, include a beautiful vase of flowers for them that can also act as a brilliant centerpiece.

White ceramic tray with home spa supplies in home bathroom for relaxing rituals

Spa Essentials

Spa items such as bath bombs, body lotions, face masks, and essential oils are not only pretty but are made to help you relax when you use them. Pairing these items with flowers enhances the tranquil environment of an at-home spa with fragrances, beauty, peacefulness, and romance.

set of luxury perfumes wor women

Luxury Perfume

The wonderful aromas of many luxurious perfumes are often created with the alluring fragrances from flowers such as peonies, roses, hibiscus, jasmine, honeysuckle, and more. The perfect way to pair perfume with a bouquet of flowers is by matching the ingredients with their blooms. Each time your loved one spritzes her wrists, she will undoubtedly be reminded of your romanticism.

Luxury handmade decorative chocolate bonbon in a display of assorted pralines with selective focus in close up view on rustic wood

Artisan Chocolates

Just as one wants to savor and delight every beautiful bloom in a fresh bouquet of flowers, so too does one want to savor and delight every piece of hand-crafted chocolate deliciousness. Doing so simultaneously is truly a remarkable treat. Not to mention, flowers and chocolates is a timeless romantic gesture.

open book on wood desk with rose

Romance Novel

The sight and sweet aroma of a stunning, fresh bouquet of flowers can transport you to an exotic location. Romance novels can do the same thing. Pairing them together makes for the perfect escape into another world and allows them to realize the beautiful love story they are living in real life.

Valentines Day flowers and diamonds


The gift of jewelry delights and surprises unsuspecting recipients, much like a bouquet of fresh flowers do. Pairing them together makes this gift one they can remember, cherish, and show off for a long time.

A bottle of wine, glasses with red wine and the flowering branch of fruit tree


Instead of grabbing just any bottle of wine to go with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, put a little thought into it. For instance, choose one with a label that matches the colors of the flowers. If you know you have a bold-flavored wine, pair it with a boldly fragrant bloom, or a light, summery wine pairs well with summer flowers. Wine and flowers together make a good gift; when paired with a little thought, though, they make an outstanding gift.

Sending a thoughtful arrangement of flowers to your sweetheart, crush, or significant other is a meaningful gesture that is sure to stir up some excitement. Floral bouquets hold deep meaning and symbolism within each bloom in addition to the act of taking the time to select the perfect flowers for the one you love. Although flowers from Durocher Florist can be romantic on their own, adding an additional token or experience will fill the air with romance.