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As the hustle and bustle of the holiday season is behind us, you might be at a standstill searching for the best gift ideas to spoil your Valentine this year. Since taking your long-distance love out to a romantic dinner or night on the town is out of the question, it becomes that much harder to decide how to celebrate on February 14th. To give you a helping hand, our romantic team here at Durocher Florist in Springfield shares their perfect ideas for the most romantic surprises to send just about anywhere.

Six Special Surprises For Your Long-Distance Love

“What I Love About You” Book

Your long-distance partner deserves something thoughtful and straight from the heart. Don’t worry if you’re not feeling creative, you can still send something personal and unique to your Valentine. A “What I Love About You” book is perfect as you simply fill in the blanks and answer prompts found on each page. Your beau is sure to cherish and adore this token of love forever. Each day, they’re able to flip through the pages and learn what it is that you love most about them. Talk about the perfect way to spend your time apart.

Conversation Starters

From the outside looking in, a deck of conversation starters doesn’t sound like the romantic gift you’ve been searching for. However, if you’ve been in a long-distance relationship long enough, you know it’s actually the perfect gift for your sweetheart. It’s the gift of what to say next, eliminating awkward pauses or lulls in your virtual date night conversation. It’s time to spice things up with new fun facts and interesting conversation topics.

Personalized Puzzle

A personalized jigsaw is a perfect surprise for your Valentine if they need something to help pass the time and keep themselves busy while there’s distance between you. Turn this into something extra romantic and special by choosing a cherished photo of you both, or a special memory that means a great deal to them. It’ll be the most thoughtful puzzle they ever put together.

Cozy Throw or Weighted Blanket

Once in a while, our heat aches a little bit more for our significant other when we’re enjoying a favorite movie or TV series without them. In the evening, the bed might feel a lot larger and a little chilly without their arms wrapped tightly around you. Sending your love in the form of a cozy throw or a weighted blanket is a meaningful way for you to still keep your partner comfy and warm while you’re apart.

Scented Candles

Help your Valentine perfect their home ambiance with some of their favorite scents. If they’ve ventured away from home, try finding a candle that takes them back to their childhood, reminds them of loved ones, or makes them reminisce on a favorite adventure. How romantic to transport your significant other back in time to a favorite memory. Get even more sentimental with a creative label, such as photos of your favorite date or a meaningful quote.

The look of love is charmingly reflected in this romantic array of red roses and fragrant white callas. Beautifully presented in a sparkling glass vase, these gorgeous flowers will say what's in your heart more eloquently than words

Be Still My Heart

As any poet will attest, surprising your sweetheart with deep red roses is about as classic and romantic as you can get. A symbol of love and romance, the red rose will never fail to brighten your loved one’s day as you express your admiration. “Be Still My Heart” is composed of a dozen perfect red roses and six white calla lilies to add some elegance. Your Valentine is sure to swoon at first sight.

However you decide to spoil your Valentine this year, we’re here at Durocher Florist to make your romantic moments special. Remember, it’s simply the thought that counts.