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From cuddles with your honey to pampering yourself with love, nothing tops a relaxing Valentine’s Day spent in the comfort of your home. If you’re still not sure about celebrating at a restaurant or out in town this year, your friends at Durocher Florist, the best flower shop in Springfield, have the perfect ideas for an ultimate at-home Valentine’s Day.

Perfect Ways To Spend Valentine’s Day

Movie screen and bowl of popcorn

Have a Favorite Movie Marathon

Settle in with two glasses of wine, popcorn, and a list of the best movies. Choose some you both love and then go back and forth picking your all-time favorites. You might learn something about your partner or share new facts about yourself. 

Hot Drinks Outside

Enjoy Hot Drinks Outside

While you stay home, you can still enjoy some fresh air this Valentine’s Day. Prepare two cups of hot coffee, tea, or velvety hot cocoa, and share a cozy blanket to keep each other toasty warm. As you sit outside to stargaze or watch a wonderful sunset, have a relaxing end to your perfect day or a romantic start to your evening date.

Pink paper, ribbon, scissors, and twine. Arts and craft supplies.

Spread Love with Crafts

This year should be special not just for you and your Valentine, but for your community as well. Turn your home upside down as you dive into a pile of arts and craft supplies, and let your imagination and creativity run wild. Create unique Valentine crafts, like origami doves or inspiring pictures, and deliver your masterpieces to friends and neighbors, or local hospitals and nursing homes. 

This beloved bouquet includes red roses, white asiatic lilies, red carnations, red miniature carnations, white cushion spray roses, white sinuata statice, dusty miller, huckleberry, and lemon leaf. Delivered in a ruby rose vase. Approximately 16 1/2" W x 18" H

Send Some Flowers

What could be more romantic than a special surprise delivery from your Valentine? Sending your love a beautiful arrangement is one tradition that doesn’t need to be reimaged as you stay home. Make it a grand part of your date-night-in so you can see the joy on their face as you both admire gorgeous flowers, like our “Visions of Love” bouquet. 

Two people on yoga mats touching feet

Take a Virtual Yoga Class

Strengthen the communication and trust you share in your relationship as you find your zen and relax together. A couple’s yoga class can teach you to physically rely on each other during certain poses. Escape the world around you with this micro-retreat and just “be” together.

Heart shaped pizza

Cook Your Favorite Dinner

Treat yourself to your favorite home-cooked meal, and don’t forget a decadent dessert. Since self-care includes eating well, enjoy some time today catering to your taste buds and especially your sweet tooth. Set the table with fine dishes, wonderful candles, and fresh flowers to make your evening special. Take pleasure in “wining and dining” yourself. 

Colorful board game pieces

Play Board Games

If board games were your favorite as a kid, they’re sure to be even more enjoyable with your sweetheart. Blow the dust off your old games like “Monopoly,” “The Game of Life,” or “Backgammon,” and set yourselves up on the floor. Get a little crazy and try playing “Twister,” too! Whatever games you choose, have fun acting like kids again and enjoy some friendly competition.

Whatever way you decide to celebrate, enjoy your day and fill it with love. From spreading love to self-love, and enjoying time with your love, Valentine’s Day is for everyone. Let Durocher Florist help make this year memorable.