Adoring Heart

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This feminine arrangement features hot pink roses, Asiatic lilies, gladioli, carnations, larkspur, red ti leaves, Italian ruscus, and lemon leaf.

Arrangement does not include urn. Approximately 27" W x 31 1/2" H

The Adoring Heart arrangement from Durocher Florist in Springfield, MA, is a flourishing expression of affection and reverence. A harmonious blend of warmth and devotion, this arrangement captures the essence of adoration through its vibrant selection of florals. Hot pink roses and carnations are the stars of this display, their vivid tones symbolizing a love that is both passionate and gentle. Nestled among these blooms are the elegant pink Asiatic lilies, their large, star-shaped flowers adding a touch of grace and serenity. Pink gladioli stand tall, their pointed blossoms reaching upward like the flames of a burning heart, while the soft, feathery touch of pink larkspur adds a sense of whimsy to the composition. The bold red ti leaves fold around the flowers like a protective embrace, and the lush greenery of Italian ruscus and lemon leaf fill out the arrangement, providing a verdant backdrop that makes the pinks pop even more vividly.

The arrangement is approximately 27 inches wide by 31.5 inches high and is a substantial tribute, perfect for expressing heartfelt sentiments. While the arrangement does not include an urn, its design and stature make it an ideal accompaniment to memorial services or as a beautiful gesture of sympathy, conveying respect and love without the need for words.