Batty Boo-quet Signature Design

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Eeek, it's a Bat!!! A Durocher Florist exclusive designed for the Halloween season.

The Batty Boo-quet is the perfect Halloween gift! It is designed in a ceramic pumpkin, with three black bats flying over a gorgeous display of orange roses, black thistle, statice, green dianthus, berries, and more! The boo-quet is sure to brighten a Halloween lover's day!

The Batty Boo-quet from Durocher Florist in Springfield, MA, is a Halloween masterpiece designed to thrill and delight during the spooky season. This exclusive arrangement captures the essence of Halloween with its playful and eerie charm, making it the perfect gift for anyone who loves this hauntingly fun time of year. Centered in a charming ceramic pumpkin that adds a classic touch to the holiday decor, the Batty Boo-quet features an eye-catching mix of orange roses, which radiate warmth and vibrancy against the darker elements of the arrangement. These include the intriguing black thistle and statice, contributing to the bouquet’s mysterious and moody vibe. Green dianthus pops brightly amongst the darker shades, providing a fresh contrast that enhances the overall design, while berries add a hint of autumnal richness.

Soaring above this beautiful floral display are three black bats crafted from a thin, flexible material, creating an illusion of them fluttering whimsically over the blooms. This adds a playful and spooky element to the bouquet, perfectly embodying the spirit of Halloween. Whether set as a centerpiece at a Halloween party or sent as a surprise to a Halloween enthusiast, the Batty Boo-quet is sure to evoke smiles and a bit of the Halloween spirit wherever it's displayed.