Birthday Greetings Bouquet

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Pink roses, purple stock, dark pink carnations, lavender cushion spray chrysanthemums, miniature lavender carnations, and purple sinuata statice are arranged with variegated pittosporum and lemon leaf.

Delivered in Teleflora's Birthday Celebration bowl. Approximately 13 1/2" W x 13 1/2" H

The Birthday Greetings Bouquet from Durocher Florist in Springfield, MA, is a jubilant explosion of color and fragrance that perfectly captures the celebratory spirit of a birthday. This delightful arrangement is a symphony of pink and purple hues thoughtfully designed to bring joy to that special someone's day. Pink roses, the quintessence of admiration and grace, take center stage, surrounded by the royal purples of stock that add depth and a majestic touch to the bouquet. Dark pink carnations provide a rich contrast, symbolizing gratitude and affection, while the lavender cushion spray chrysanthemums and miniature carnations introduce a variety of textures and tones. Accentuated by the dreamy purple sinuata statice, this bouquet becomes a feast for the eyes. The lush greenery of variegated pittosporum and lemon leaf adds fullness and an earthy balance to the bright floral display.

Elegantly presented in Teleflora's Birthday Celebration bowl, adorned with painted candles to heighten the festive mood, this bouquet stands approximately 13.5 inches wide and high. It’s not just a gift but an experience that conveys heartfelt birthday greetings with every petal and leaf.