birthday floral arrangement in hot pink, orange, and purple

Birthday Sparkle Bouquet

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Add some extra special sparkle to their birthday with this grand gift! Hand-delivered in a shimmering golden cube with intricate cutouts, this colorful bouquet will make their birthday week wonderful. Later, they can remove the pretty magenta liner pick the golden "happy birthday" cube, and enjoy it as a pretty candleholder!
Approximately 14" W x 14" H

The Birthday Sparkle Bouquet from Durocher Florist in Springfield, MA, is a jubilant burst of color and light, a perfect metaphor for a celebration of life lived and the anticipation of the year to come. Hand-delivered with care, this bouquet radiates joy in a shimmering golden cube adorned with intricate cutouts. The vibrant hues of orange roses, purple stock, and hot pink carnations mingle to create a visual symphony that promises to make their birthday week unforgettable. The florists at Durocher Florist have an eye for beauty and a heart for celebrations, selecting each bloom to ensure a burst of birthday cheer. With the pretty magenta liner and a golden "happy birthday" pick, this arrangement doesn't just wish them well; it sparkles with festivity. Standing at an impressive 14 inches wide and equally as tall, it’s not just a bouquet; it's a centerpiece, a talking point, a brilliant splash of happiness.

And the gift continues beyond the last petal's fall. Once home to flowers, the golden cube becomes a charming candleholder, the cutouts casting dancing lights to remind them of a birthday filled with sparkle and warmth. With Durocher Florist, you're not just giving flowers; you're giving a multifaceted gift that keeps glowing.