Blossoms in Vogue

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Blow someone away with a bouquet with so much style… all it needs is its runway.
Brilliant green hydrangea, hot pink and bi-color roses, hot pink and yellow spray roses, and greens are hand-delivered in stunning style: a wide cylinder vase elegantly lined with leaves.

This bouquet is a singular sensation! Approximately 13" W x 12" H

The Blossoms in Vogue bouquet from Durocher Florist in Springfield, MA, isn’t just a bouquet; it’s a bold fashion statement. Designed for those with a flair for the dramatic and a love of the limelight, this arrangement has the vibrancy and panache to steal the show.

The bouquet features a stylish ensemble of brilliant green hydrangea, setting the stage with lush, voluminous beauty. They are paired with various roses—hot pink and bi-color, their petals boasting shades that could outshine the most lavish sunset. Hot pink and yellow spray roses add complexity with their animated forms and vivacious hues. This array of florals is delivered in spectacular style: a wide, elegantly lined cylinder vase that showcases the blooms as if they are indeed on their runway. The leaves lining the vase serve as a backdrop and frame, turning the arrangement into a living piece of art.

Measuring approximately 13 inches wide by 12 inches high, the Blossoms in Vogue bouquet is not just a delivery of flowers. It's a grand gesture, a conversation starter, and a stand-alone spectacle that can bring the essence of a botanical catwalk to any space. It's a singular sensation that's sure to blow someone away with its breathtaking style and lush, full-bodied charm.