Dramatic Daisies

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A long-lasting fall design! An assortment of autumn-hued daisy poms designed in a clear glass vase accented with a sheath of natural wheat.

"Dramatic Daisies" from Durocher Florist in Springfield, MA, embodies the essence of autumn with its rich, warm hues and rustic charm. This arrangement is a delightful celebration of the fall season, thoughtfully crafted to bring a touch of nature's bounty into any space. Composed of an abundant mix of daisy poms, the bouquet showcases the vibrant shades of autumn—deep reds and bright yellows—that capture the heart of fall's color palette. These flowers are eye-catching and are known for longevity, ensuring that this display remains fresh and vibrant for days. The choice of daisies reflects a spirit of cheerfulness and simplicity, making this bouquet a versatile gift for occasions or just to brighten someone’s day. A sheath of natural wheat adds a distinctive touch to the arrangement. This not only accentuates the autumnal theme but also adds a textural contrast to the daisy petals. This element of wheat introduces a harvest-like feel that is both nostalgic and elegant.

Presented in a clear glass vase, the visual appeal of the "Dramatic Daisies" is enhanced, allowing the colors to shine through beautifully. This vase also adds a modern touch, making the arrangement suitable for home or office decor. Whether placed on a dining table, a desk, or a hallway stand, it brings a splash of autumn joy to any setting.