Dreaming of Roses

This gorgeous bouquet, aptly named for its light and delicately arranged blooms, features the most luscious lavender roses imaginable. Artistically arranged in a pale lavender vase, the mix of flowers is breathtaking.

The magnificent arrangement includes dark purple alstroemeria, lavender roses, and lavender waxflower accented with assorted greenery - delivered in a stylish lavender vase. The bouquet is approximately 13" W X 18" H.

The Dreaming of Roses bouquet from Durocher Florist in Springfield, MA, is an exquisite arrangement that evokes the essence of a tranquil dream. It’s a floral fantasy brought to life, where the softest lavender roses unfold in a display of gentle beauty and sophistication. Artistically arranged in a vase that echoes the petals' tender hue, this bouquet is a poetic vision of floral perfection. Dark purple alstroemeria intermingle with the roses, adding depth and a whisper of mystery to the arrangement, while sprigs of lavender waxflower bloom like little stars, sprinkling the bouquet with a charming light. Assorted greenery provides a lush backdrop, highlighting the blooms' delicate colors and enhancing their natural elegance.

Presented in a stylish pale lavender vase that complements the bouquet's color palette, this arrangement stands approximately 13" W x 18" H. Each element of the Dreaming of Roses bouquet contributes to a sense of enchantment and serenity, making it a breathtaking gift that captivates the senses and the heart.

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