Forever at Peace Spray

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A peaceful display of affection and sympathy, this monochromatic spray of gorgeous fresh greens and pure white roses is a vision of tranquility.
This tranquil spray of miniature green hydrangea, green roses, green trick dianthus, and bells of Ireland is accented with bupleurum, myrtle, sword fern, variegated aspidistra leaves, aralia leaf, bear grass, and lemon leaf. Approximately 24 1/2" W x 47" H

The "Forever at Peace" Spray from Durocher Florist in Springfield, MA, is a stunning tribute to serenity and everlasting affection. This monochromatic masterpiece, with its soothing palette of greens and the purity of white roses, creates an atmosphere of calm and reflects the soul's eternal peace. Imagine a gentle cascade of miniature green hydrangea, the roses' elegance, the unique texture of green trick dianthus, and the stately bells of Ireland. Each element has been chosen with care to convey respect and remembrance. The bupleurum's subtle hues, the myrtle's dignified greenery, and the sword fern's feathery fronds all add depth and meaning to the arrangement.

The variegated aspidistra leaves, aralia leaf, and bear grass lend their broad, elegant leaves as a backdrop, while lemon leaf adds a fresh touch to the composition. Standing approximately 24 1/2 inches wide and 47 inches high, this arrangement is a significant and graceful presence at any memorial service, expressing sympathy without needing words.

With the "Forever at Peace" Spray, Durocher Florist offers a message of enduring love and the comfort of remembrance during times of loss. It’s a noble farewell, a respectful homage to a life well-lived, and a visual expression of support that reaches out to soothe grieving hearts.