Garden Romance

Va-va-bloom! This stunning arrangement of purple hydrangea, light pink spray roses, and white Asiatic lilies is perfectly presented in our violet cube. •Approximately 13" W x 13" H

The Garden Romance bouquet from Durocher Florist in Springfield, MA, is a stunning visual symphony, blending the enchanting allure of garden favorites with artistic flair. It's a floral declaration of beauty that captures the essence of romance in a blossoming garden. Lush purple hydrangea takes center stage, their voluminous, cloud-like blooms adding a regal touch with their deep, rich tones. The delicate light pink spray roses complement them, whose gentle hues whisper tales of first-blush love and tender emotions. The pristine white Asiatic lilies contribute an air of sophistication and purity to the arrangement, their trumpet-shaped blooms heralding the timeless beauty of affection and care.

This floral melody is carefully arranged within the confines of a vibrant violet glass cube, whose bold color makes a statement of its own—reflecting the depth and intensity of garden-born romance. It's a lovely testament to the skilled hands that curated the bouquet, ensuring that each flower's natural beauty is fully displayed.

Hello, gorgeous indeed! The Garden Romance bouquet doesn't just speak of love; it embodies the awe and admiration that true romance stirs within the heart. Whether as a gift of love, a gesture of appreciation, or to brighten someone's day, this bouquet is a celebration of nature's artistry, meant to be savored and adored.

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