Garden Wreath

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This luxurious wreath includes flowers such as carnations, chrysanthemums, silky green cymbidium orchid blossoms and variegated greenery. Please note: Arrangement does not include picture frame. Approximately 20" W x 14" H

The "Garden Wreath" from Durocher Florist in Springfield, MA, is a profoundly touching tribute that encapsulates the enduring impact of a loved one's presence in our lives. This exquisite round wreath is thoughtfully designed to frame a cherished photograph, poem, or other precious memento, serving as a beautiful focal point during memorials or as a dedicated spot in one's home. Featuring a harmonious blend of green carnations, white and green chrysanthemums, and the distinguished elegance of green cymbidium orchids, this arrangement embodies serenity and remembrance. The soft green hues of the carnations and orchids evoke a sense of renewal and eternal connection, while the white chrysanthemums symbolize loyalty and devoted love.

This wreath is not only a floral expression but also a symbolic circle of life, encompassing the love, joy, and memories shared with someone dearly missed. It invites those who view it to reflect on the beauty and depth of the relationship they cherished. Whether displayed at a service or in a special place at home, the "Garden Wreath" offers a delicate reminder of everlasting affection and the gentle touch of nature's own enduring beauty.