Bed of Pink Roses- Urn Tribute

A loving embrace. It's a beautiful gesture. It's a respectful tribute. A wealth of pink roses create a soft, serene, and dignified way to cherish and honor the departed.
A beautiful display of pink roses is lovingly arranged with ivy and other gentle greens to display the urn.

Please note: The arrangement does not include an urn. Approximately 33" W x 20" H

The Bed of Pink Roses from Durocher Florist in Springfield, MA, offers an embrace of delicate beauty and respect, providing a dignified and tender way to honor and cherish the memory of the departed. This arrangement is a sea of tranquility composed entirely of pink roses, each petal a whisper of grace and every bloom a soft farewell. With its gentle gradients of pink, from the deepest tones of affection to the lightest hues of remembrance, this floral arrangement is a heartfelt symphony of serenity. It's a respectful tribute, where the wealth of roses symbolizes an endless garden of love for the one who has passed, a garden that continues to flourish in the hearts of those who mourn.

The roses are thoughtfully arranged to create a peaceful rest, offering comfort to the bereaved with their natural elegance and soothing colors. This Bed of Pink Roses is more than just a floral offering; it's a visual testament to a life lived, a gesture that speaks of enduring love and the gentle passage into everlasting peace.

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