Rustic Harvest Centerpiece

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Invite fall beauty to the table with this radiantly rustic rose centerpiece in a classic stoneware serving bowl with gorgeous reactive glaze detail.
This autumn bouquet features light orange roses, miniature orange carnations, bronze cushion spray chrysanthemums, white waxflower, spiral eucalyptus, and grevillea accented with preserved oak leaves.  Approximately 17 1/2" W x 11 3/4" H

The "Rustic Harvest Centerpiece" from Durocher Florist in Springfield, MA, beautifully captures the essence of autumn with its warm, inviting colors and textures. This centerpiece is an ideal adornment for any fall gathering, especially Thanksgiving, where it promises to enhance the festive atmosphere with its natural charm and elegance. Presented in a classic stoneware serving bowl that boasts a gorgeous reactive glaze detail, this arrangement blends rustic allure with sophistication. It features a harmonious mix of light orange roses, miniature orange carnations, and bronze cushion spray chrysanthemums, each bloom contributing its unique color and texture. White waxflower adds a touch of delicate beauty, while spiral eucalyptus and grevillea introduce a lush, green contrast that complements the warm tones of the flowers. Accented with preserved oak leaves, this centerpiece embodies the season's richness and brings a piece of outdoor serenity to your table setting. Measuring approximately 17 1/2 inches wide by 11 3/4 inches high, it is perfectly sized to be the focal point of a dining experience, inviting everyone to bask in the beauty of fall’s bounty. This arrangement is not just a decoration but a celebration of seasonal beauty, making it a memorable addition to any autumnal celebration.