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Satin Heart Pillow

A heart-shaped satin pillow adorned with fresh flowers lays gently in the casket.

The Satin Heart Pillow from Durocher Florist in Springfield, MA, is a touching and elegant tribute designed to convey heartfelt condolences and tender memories during loss. This unique arrangement features a heart-shaped satin pillow, softly cradling a spray of fresh flowers, symbolizing love and the gentle embrace of remembrance. Adorned with lush red roses and delicate cream blooms, complemented by subtle greenery, the Satin Heart Pillow is artfully arranged to lie gracefully within the casket. The flowers' choice and placement reflect deep affection and respect, making this floral arrangement not just a decoration but a profound expression of heartfelt sentiments.

This arrangement is particularly suited for those seeking a more personal and intimate farewell. It serves as a poignant centerpiece within the solemnity of a funeral service, offering a symbol of the love surrounding the departed. The Satin Heart Pillow is more than just flowers; it is a final, loving gesture that honors the bond shared with the departed, providing comfort to loved ones as they gather to say their last goodbyes.

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