Sunset Wreath

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Magnificent orange roses, green hydrangea and rich, dark cymbidium orchids will help comfort heavy hearts at a memorial service—richly colored flowers such as orange roses, green hydrangea, brown cymbidium orchids and yellow chrysanthemums. Please note: The arrangement does not include an urn. Approximately 26" W x 16 1/2" H.

The Sunset Wreath from Durocher Florist captures the soft, warm glow of the evening sky as the sun dips below the horizon. It is a symphony of color, conveying deep sympathy and respect in its rich, subdued hues. This garden-style wreath is thoughtfully arranged in an oval shape, symbolizing the eternal cycle of life and the unending nature of memories held dear. Elegant roses in sunset shades of coral and peach blend seamlessly with the deep burgundy of orchids, each bloom carefully chosen to reflect the beauty of a life well-lived. Accents of crisp green hydrangea and the lively pops of yellow craspedia dots contrast, echoing the fleeting moments of daylight that pierce through the dusk. Hypericum berries and assorted foliage frame the wreath, adding a lush, full backdrop to the delicate floral display.

This arrangement is a floral tribute and an embrace of cherished memories. It stands as a testament to the vibrant spirit of the departed, a gentle reminder that even as the sun sets, it promises the beauty of another day. The Sunset Wreath is an artful expression of compassion, a gift to honor and remember a beloved soul.