Warmest Remembrance Casket Spray

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This tastefully colorful casket spray is a tribute to a lost loved one and a reminder of the many joyous times spent together.
The beautiful bouquet includes peach roses, light pink, coral spray roses, light orange gerberas, light orange carnations, light yellow stock, and peach hypericum, accented with satin ribbon and assorted greenery.

Approximately 50" W x 17 1/2" H

The Warmest Remembrance Casket Spray from Durocher Florist in Springfield, MA, is a lush and vibrant tribute that beautifully honors the memory of a loved one. The array of soft peaches, gentle pinks, and delicate corals weaves together into a visual poem that celebrates the joyous times shared, capturing the essence of a life lived with warmth and brightness. Peach roses for gratitude and admiration, light pink spray roses for grace and joy, coral spray roses for enthusiasm and desire, light orange gerberas for sunshine and innocence, light orange carnations for fascination and devotion, light yellow stock for affection and happiness, and peach hypericum for protection and tranquility—all these are carefully chosen to create a full spectrum of life's precious moments.

Adorned with satin ribbon and a lush assortment of greenery, this casket spray, approximately 50 inches wide and 17 1/2 inches high, is a mark of respect and a celebration of life. It's a heartfelt farewell that speaks to the beauty of the past and the indelible mark left on the hearts of those who mourn. This is more than just a floral arrangement; it symbolizes the warmest memories to be cherished forever.