"Angels' Arms" Wooden Memory Box

This is a sympathy gift to keep memories that are so very dear. It is inscribed with the words, "In Angels' arms you were carried away...inside our hearts, you will always stay." Keepsake memory boxes are made of wood composite and feature a light stain, a color UV-printed top, and decorative hardware. 

W: 9.5"
H: 5.25"
D: 9.5"

The Angels' Arms Wooden Memory Box from Durocher Florist in Springfield, MA, is a profoundly touching and enduring sympathy gift designed to safeguard cherished memories of a loved one. This beautifully crafted box is a poignant reminder that those we love never truly leave us; they continue to live in our hearts. Constructed from high-quality wood composite, the box features a gentle, light stain that enhances its natural beauty and warmth. The lid of the box is adorned with a heartfelt inscription, "In Angels' arms you were carried away...inside our hearts, you will always stay," surrounded by elegantly colored UV-printed floral motifs and a vibrant butterfly. This design adds aesthetic appeal and symbolizes transformation and the enduring spirit of the loved one whose memories it holds.

The box is also equipped with decorative hardware that complements its rustic yet refined appearance, making it a suitable addition to any home decor. Measuring a compact size, it can comfortably house photos, letters, and other small keepsakes that serve as a reminder of special moments shared. The Angels' Arms Wooden Memory Box is not just a storage item; it's a treasure chest that offers solace and a tangible connection to loved ones lost, ensuring their memory is kept close and cherished forever.

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