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🍂 Everything Guide to Fall Flowers 🍂

The textures of fall – plaid, wool, dry leaves, striking florals like dahlias and celosia, combined with the scents, visuals, and the feeling of crisp, cool air make us fall in love with the fall season. Grab a glass of spiced apple cider, a pumpkin latte, or even a pumpkin beer and get into the spirit of fall with a collection of all autumn-themed blogs we’ve posted over the years. You’ll discover tips for decorating your porch, the best fall flowers, fall gifts, and more. Then, check out Durocher Florist’s amazing selection of gorgeous fall arrangements perfect for welcoming this awesome season into your home.

Dress up Your Front Porch for Fall

Anytime the season changes is a good time to update your home’s decor. Keeping up with the seasons is a great reason to update the look of your home in quick, easy ways.

Experience our Fall Blooms this Season

Fall is a wonderful time to experience the leaves changing colors, a crisp nip in the air, and pumpkin spice lattes. At Durocher Florist, we’re also very excited about the flowers that bloom during this season.

Chrysanthemums: The Ultimate Fall Flower

We often associate certain flowers with certain times of the year. Red roses, for example, are an iconic symbol of Valentine’s Day, and spring never really arrives until the tulips start popping up.

Find Mums for Everyone in Autumn

Fall is a fabulous season full of color and wonder. One of the most amazing blooms in the fall spectrum is the chrysanthemum. With over 40 species and thousands of varieties, and a beautiful array of fall colors, there’s a mum for everyone.