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Cardinals in the Snow by Durocher Florist

Christmas is days away – that’s great news for many of us, but it also means that those who put off their Christmas shopping until the last minute are beginning to panic. Many online retailers can no longer guarantee delivery in time for Christmas and the mall is going to be a madhouse this weekend – who wants to deal with that?

Fortunately, there is a better option because your friends at Durocher Florist are here to help you cross the remaining names off your list. We’re full of terrific ideas if you’re not exactly sure what you’re looking for and we have so many wonderful options to choose from that you’ll have no problem selecting the perfect gifts no matter who you’re shopping for.

Whether you prefer a timeless classic like a festive poinsettia plant or something with a bit more flair like a beautiful hand-designed holiday floral arrangement or Christmas centerpiece, you’re in good hands with Durocher Florist.

Joyful and Triumphant Centerpiece by Durocher Florist

It’s not too late to have your order hand-delivered by Christmas or you can always stop by and choose from our large selection of holiday flowers and plants. We also feature a fantastic variety of holiday gifts and décor that is sure to please anyone on your list! We’re also a great source for unique stocking stuffers and gifts for teachers, mail carriers, party hosts, co-workers, hair stylists, and more. Leave the last-minute shopping to the amateurs by trusting one of our professional designers to create the perfect one-of-a-kind gift. Give us a call today to check out what we have in store for you this holiday season!

Order online or by phone at (413) 785-5148, or better yet, stop by to see us and discover all the wonderful surprises in store that we don’t have on the website! We will be open and delivering all weekend and also Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas from your friends at Durocher Florist!

Summertime’s Sensational Sunflowers

Sunflowers are admired in floral arrangements for their warm and inviting beauty and are known to symbolize loyalty, adoration, and longevity. They are used in the floral industry to express feelings of happiness and energy, but the wondrous sunflower is so much more than just a pretty flower.

While admired for their simplistic beauty, sunflowers are also some of the world’s most versatile agricultural crops. In addition to the large daisy-like petals that add excitement and intrigue to fresh-cut floral arrangements, they are an excellent source of food and edible oil. Along with its nutritional seeds, sunflowers are commonly used for industrial applications such as biofuel and livestock feed.

Here are some fun facts that will make you take a second look the next time you see a sunflower:

• Sunflowers are primarily native to North America and were a common crop among Native Americans who not only used the ground seeds for food but also the flower for textile dyes and the stalks for kindling.
• Sunflowers are rugged flowers that are tolerant of both high and low temperatures making them easy to grow.

Here Comes the Sun by Durocher Florist

• Sunflowers can grow up to 16 feet in height and some varieties can produce over 2,000 seeds per flower.
• Among their many industrial applications, sunflowers are used to extract toxins from contaminated soil and were used to aid in the cleanup from the Chernobyl and Fukushima nuclear disasters.
• There are over 70 different varieties of sunflowers in a wide range of sizes with petal colors ranging from vibrant yellow to deep oranges and browns.
• Sunflowers are among the fastest growing plants and can reach maturity and heights of 8 to 12 feet in 90-100 days.
• Sunflowers are often associated with renowned Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh who depicted the flowers in two series of still life paintings. One of those paintings was purchased for $53.9 million in 1987.

Be sure to take a closer look the next time you see one of these magnificently versatile flowers and consider including some of these cheerful favorites the next time you send flowers. Click here to check out Durocher Florist’s designs featuring the sensational sunflower.

It’s Time to Think Spring!

St. Patrick's Day-zies by Durocher Florist

St. Patrick’s Day-zies by Durocher Florist

March is here at last, which can only mean that it’s time to think spring! While most of the country enjoyed a relatively mild winter, it’s always nice to know warmer days are ahead and summer is just around the corner (and don’t forget to set your clocks forward next weekend – March 12).

But before we start thinking about summer, it’s time to celebrate spring and all of the wonderful imagery and rejuvenating energy it provides. In fact, one reason we love spring so much is that it’s nearly impossible to think about spring without thinking about flowers! From tulips to daffodils, and everything in between.

We may be a few weeks away from the “official” start of spring, but by this point, many of us are enjoying the blooming of the deciduous magnolias, cherries, and quince. Spring is a time for growth, new beginnings, and for many, a welcome reward for several months of being cooped up indoors.

Summer will be here before you know it, but don’t go digging out the flip-flops just yet. Right now it’s time to enjoy this sensational season – and all it has to offer.

St. Patrick’s Day

One sure sign that spring has sprung is the arrival of St. Patrick’s Day. No matter who you are, or where you’re from, we’re all a little green on March 17. This particular holiday holds different meanings for everyone, but many use it as an opportunity to get out and have some fun! Of course, one of our favorite things about St. Patrick’s Day is that it features the iconic shamrock!

Shamrocks are a symbol of Ireland and were said to have been used by St. Patrick, Ireland’s patron saint, as a metaphor for the Christian Holy Trinity. Interestingly, there is not a consensus over the exact botanical species of clover that is the “true” shamrock, but instead, the name is sort of a catch-all for a number of three-leaved clovers.

Always Happy bouquet by Durocher Florist

Always Happy bouquet by Durocher Florist


Easter takes place this year on April 16, and what better way to mark the occasion than with an Easter lily? This hearty plant bears a number of fragrant white trumpet-shaped flowers and is symbolic of the resurrection of Christ that is celebrated during Easter. If traditional flowers are more your style, pastel-colored floral designs are also very popular during the Easter season.

May Day

One holiday that often gets overlooked is May Day. Celebrated each year on the first day of May, this holiday originates from an ancient northern hemisphere spring festival and evolved into a secular celebration. Although fading in popularity, it used to be tradition to make “May baskets” full of flowers and sweets and leave them anonymously on neighbors’ doorsteps.

That’s not all…

There are so many more reasons to love spring and so many more reasons to shop for flowers – as if you needed a reason! Spring also ushers in prom season for many high school students as well as the start of wedding season and graduations. As the school year draws to a close, this is also the perfect time of year to thank teachers, coaches, school administrators and facility for all their hard work during the school year. Of course, flowers are an excellent way to do just that. Whatever the reason or occasion, Durocher Florist is here to help you find the perfect gift. Don’t forget to pick some out for yourself as well! Give us a call, or stop in today – we’re always happy to help.

Tropical Flowers are Summertime Treats

iStock_000009076514_reverseResizeRed roses are an iStock_000064940399_resizeiconic symbol of Valentine’s Day, and tulips are a sure sign of spring, but lush tropical flowers scream summertime like no other flowers can. Tropical flowers add bold color, magnificent height, and curious drama to any setting. These large, exotic flowers effortlessly transform any home or office into a beautiful island oasis.

iStock_000012880561_resize2Besides being easy to care for, these beautiful tropical flowers come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. Here are few of our favorites:

iStock_000026940007_resizeBird of Paradise – Also known as crane flowers, these exotic flowers are native to South Africa and symbolize freedom and magnificence. Inspired by their bright blue and orange flowers fanning from green bracts like a colorful bird in flight, they grow between three and five feet in height and typically have three to five “birds” inside each bract that bloom in succession.

iStock_000068543911_resizeHeliconia – These magnificent tropical beauties feature large vibrant bracts in pink, red, orange, or yellow rising from sturdy towering stalks that can grow up to 20 feet in height. Native to Guyana, Costa Rica, Belize, Ecuador, Peru, and Brazil, heliconias symbolize great returns. Unlike bird-of-paradise, heliconias have tiny hidden flowers that won’t emerge from the cut stems – their beauty is in color and silhouette of the dramatic bracts.

Ginger– Native to the Pacific Islands, Malaysia and Taiwan, ornamental gingers have large cone-shaped blooms that symbolize strength and pride. Although they come in a variety of colors, the red ginger flower is the one most often associated with the tropics. Because of their fragrance and beauty, the ginger flower can often attract bees, butterflies, and a variety of wild birds.

Anthurium – With their large open heart shaped face, anthuriums have come to symbolize hospitality and a deep romantic attraction. Originally from Columbia, they were brought to Hawaii in 1889 and have since become virtually synonymous with tropical islands. These lovely red flowers have a long vase life and thrive on the moisture and heat of a tropical environment. Although often seen in red with a bright yellow spadix, they’re also available in white, pink, peach, magenta, and green.

Protea – Named for Proteus, the Greek God who could change his form at will, proteas are an extraordinary group of flowers originally found only in South Africa and Australia. Proteas symbolize transformation, diversity, and courage, they’re available in an array of sizes, shapes, and colors – from pin cushions to imperial crowns in white, yellow, orange, and rose to crimson, magenta, and burgundy.


Let Durocher Florist Take You to Paradise

Click here to check out some of our expertly designed tropical arrangements that will send you sailing into paradise.

2015 Summer Floral Trends

durocher1Now that Memorial Day is over and schools are letting out, it’s time to turn our attention to summer! For many of us in New England, summertime will be a welcome sight following a record-setting winter and an active spring storm season.

Flowers play such a visible role in setting the mood for outdoor events, and choosing the right ones for each occasion is an important decision that should not be overlooked. Here are some of the hot, new summer floral trends to keep an eye out for this summer as we head out to the beaches, pack the picnic baskets and watch the parades.

durocher2Be Bold – Bright, saturated colors with lots of contrast are a very popular choice for flowers this summer. Cheerful and vivid, these particular floral designs set the mood and make us happy with their bold and beautiful summertime designs. Bright, bold centerpieces and color-rich compact designs are popular this season for picnics and other jovial summer gatherings. Our Calypso bouquet is bright, bold, and perfect for summer!

durocher3Be Wild – Also hot this summer is the wild garden look of flowers that appear to have just been picked. These designs are usually free-flowing and asymmetrical, and tend to focus less on traditional garden flowers and more on foliage and wildflowers for that do-it-yourself look. Our Wildflower Basket is packed with wildflowers and offers wonderful and whimsical twist on the popular “fresh-picked” trend.

Be Unforgettable – One particular trend that is very popular this summer is the look and feel of luxury and classic beauty. Traditional flowers such as roses and hydrangeas in French-inspired soft muted pastels and classic whites and creams evoke vintage feelings of elegant romance and nostalgia that stands the test of time. Our stunning Luxe Be A Lady bouquet is a classic example of this luxurious summer trend.

Are You Ready For Spring?

After a winter filled with record cold temperatures and ridiculous amounts of snowfall across much of the country, today marks the first official day of spring! One of the best rewards for enduring another harsh winter is the beautiful blooms of flowers that are starting to pop up everywhere you look.
As the vivid colors and sweet scents of spring replace the melting blankets of white show, we are once again reminded what a beautiful world we live in, and how something as simple as a flower can completely change our mood and put a smile on our face.
Everyone has a favorite flower, but some of the most beautiful and most loved flowers grow in the spring.



These tall slender flowers are another popular reminder of spring. Appearing in a wide spectrum of colors, tulips were once so highly prized that in the 17th century they were known to be traded for livestock. This edible flower was also eaten by people in the Netherlands during WWII when food supplies became scarce.



Another sure sign that spring is right around the corner is the lovely hyacinth. This intensely-fragrant flower gives off an aroma that practically screams: “springtime!” In addition to their distinctive springtime smell, hyacinths are prized for their wide range of colors including red, blue, pink, white, violet and yellow.  According to western literature, hyacinths are known to symbolize rebirth, an idea synonymous with spring.

Flowers represent different things to different people, but one thing we can all agree on is that flowers are an undeniable sign of spring!