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How to Find the Perfect Valentine’s Day Flowers & Gifts for Him

Love is blooming all over Springfield as Valentine’s Day nears, offering the perfect opportunity to show the man in your life how much you care and love him. This year, step into your local flower shop for an unexpected Valentine’s Day gift that he’ll adore. It might surprise you, but men actually want to receive flowers! At least 60% of men say they would love to receive a gift of fresh blooms. However, merely 12% of men ever receive flowers throughout their lifetime. Research also shows that guys become more open, maintain better eye contact, and feel a closer bond with their loved ones when they are gifted sweet, sentimental stems. At Durocher Florist, Springfield’s best flower shop, we’ve been delivering more and more flowers to men each Valentine’s Day, and they are always welcomed with big smiles and open arms. So, to brighten your special guy’s day with blooms that will captivate his heart, explore our best tips for picking the perfect arrangement for him.

Tell Your Florist About Him

Work side by side with your local florist to craft an arrangement for your guy that’s as unique as he is. Share his favorite things – from his favorite colors and flowers to his hobbies and passions. The more your florist knows about him, the better they can tailor the bouquet to suit his individual style. Be sure to share those special floral memories, too! Whether he proposed in a yellow field of sunflowers or fresh ranunculus adorned the dinner table during your romantic first date, these stems will add an extra layer of meaning this Valentine’s Day.

Opt for Red, Orange, or Yellow Blooms

Research suggests that men are drawn to striking colors like red, orange, and yellow. Red flowers, especially roses, have long been linked with expressions of love and romance, making them a go-to for occasions like Valentine’s Day. Orange blossoms exude a sense of energy and excitement, ideal for brightening his day or matching his outgoing personality. Yellow flowers, with their sunny disposition, symbolize the happiness and positivity he brings into your life every day.

Select Contemporary Designs

This Valentine’s Day, steer away from the traditional bouquet designs for your guy and opt for a more modern style. Drawing from the clean lines and simplicity found in modern art and architecture, contemporary floral arrangements are known for their sleek and often monochromatic look. You might find arrangements that incorporate tall, elegant bamboo, striking birds of paradise, or a focused choice such as bold red anthuriums. For someone who cannot get enough of the great outdoors, consider a bouquet that captures the raw beauty of a wild meadow – filled with an array of wildflowers, rich greenery, and blooms in earthy tones – to truly resonate with his love for nature.

Consider the Vase Choice

When selecting flowers for him this Valentine’s Day, remember the importance of the vase. It’s more than a container to hold the stems; it adds to the overall appearance and aesthetic of the design. While complementing the blooms and reinforcing your Valentine’s Day sentiment, opt for vases that have deep hues, are crafted from wood, or offer a minimalist design. These more masculine vessels are akin to the enduring style of his beloved leather jacket or the sharpness of his well-tailored suit, elevating the overall impact of your gift.

Connect the Arrangement to His Hobbies or Pair Flowers With a Gift

To make your Valentine’s Day gift even more special, consider incorporating aspects of your partner’s hobbies. Adding elements related to his passions can make the bouquet uniquely personal and sentimental. For a music lover, perhaps tie a guitar pick to the stems. For a sports fan, tuck in a small keychain with his favorite team’s logo. You can also complement the flowers with a thoughtful gift, like his go-to drink or tickets to a game or concert. And for the gourmet enthusiast, pair the bouquet with a dinner reservation at a new restaurant he’s been eager to try. These thoughtful gestures highlight your support and love for him.

For every emotion you wish to convey to your beloved this Valentine’s Day, Durocher Florist has you covered. Our experts are ready to guide you to the perfect bouquet that speaks volumes of love and romance.