Wrapped Roses- One Dozen

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One dozen long stem red roses with babies breath and greenery, wrapped in cellophane, tied with a beautiful red bow. Rose will be in water tubes.

We at Durocher Florist in Springfield, MA, understand the timeless language of roses, and our Wrapped Roses - One Dozen embodies that classic eloquence. Picture the quintessential expression of affection and admiration: one dozen long-stem red roses, each bud a symbol of love's enduring flame. The rich red petals unfold like the layers of one's heart, revealing the depth of genuine emotions. Accompanying these crimson beauties are sprigs of baby's breath, like delicate whispers between lovers, adding a touch of innocence and purity to the ensemble. The greenery interspersed among the roses and baby's breath provides a backdrop of freshness, symbolizing the growth and renewal that love brings to one's life.

Wrapped in the clarity of cellophane, this bouquet is a visible promise of commitment, secured with a resplendent red bow that speaks of romance. Each rose nestles in its water tube, ensuring that their message remains vibrant and alive, just like the passion they represent. Be it an anniversary, a confession of love, or a just-because gesture, these Wrapped Roses are more than flowers. They carry unspoken words, a luxurious and vivid declaration of affection.