Durocher's Memory Lamps

A Memory That Will Never Fade

Want to offer someone the comfort of light at their darkest time? Gift them with a memory lamp. These unique sympathy tributes are elegant, small-scale lamps, many of them in the Tiffany style or otherwise embellished with designs and motifs. They provide a warm, filtered glow, making them an enduring alternative to a candle and a lovely way to express your sympathy and hope.

They can be used at the funeral service, in memorial displays in the home, or kept anywhere to help preserve the memory of a loved one. For those grieving, a memory lamp can be a source of peace and a beautiful reminder of a special person. Whether presented alongside sympathy flowers or on its own, a memory lamp is a timeless bereavement gift that will provide solace and comfort to the ones who need it most.

We offer local delivery of our lamps as well as worldwide shipping options.